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EnergyLive supports "Energy & Development 2018" conference

Strategic Planning and Energy Markets Development

November 22 – 23, 2018, Eugenides Foundation, Athens


The Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE) is organizing, once again, its annual conference now in its 23rd edition. The conference will take place in Athens on November 22-23, 2018 and will be held as usual at the conference center of the Eugenides Foundation. The conference, has been established over the past years as a major event in Greece for energy policy and business. The conference is backed by Greece’s major energy companies and is organized under the auspices of Greece’s Ministry of Environment and Energy and with the support of international organisations.

The special topic of this year’s event is Strategic Planning and Energy Markets Development, wishing to underline the important challenges that need to be addressed at national, regional as well as global level and the efforts required to further develop energy markets. A strategic planning which involves technology advancement and the new digital environment, a stricter energy security framework also capable in dealing with the constraints posed by Climate Change mitigation goals.

The conference will be attended by senior executives, scientists, engineers and energy professionals from all the major Greek energy-related companies and also by policy-makers. Participation is also expected from other European countries especially from S.E. Europe and by international electricity, oil and natural gas companies, RES and energy efficiency companies. Representatives from various leading European energy and industry groups and international organizations will also participate and contribute actively to the proceedings of IENE’s annual conference.

A highlight of this year’s conference will be the presentation of IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2018 by the Agency’s senior analyst Mr. Kieran McNamara. Athens, through IENE’s annual conference, has been selected by the IEA as one of the major capitals for this year’s WEO presentations which also include London (where WEO 2018 will be launched) together with Berlin, Brussels Madrid and Stockholm. TheWorld Energy Outlook(WEO) is the gold standard of long-term energy analysis. The 2018 edition provides updated analysis to show what the latest data, technology trends and policy announcements might mean for the energy sector to 2040.

Among others the conference topics will include energy markets, geopolitics, sustainability, energy security, energy poverty, economic development and investment in energy infrastructure and markets. A review of latest developments in the local and regional energy sector, the exchange of views and most importantly, the formulation of useful conclusions will form an integral part of the proceedings of this year’s IENE conference, where more than 40 speakers and panelists are expected to participate. The various facets of energy policy, key developments in selected energy markets and the overall prospects of the energy sector in Greece and SE Europe will be analyzed by some of the better-known experts and professionals active in the local and international energy scene. Furthermore, a number of panel discussions with the participation of well-known academic experts and market players will take place.

The Energy and Development 2018 conference will be held at the Eugenides Foundation conference facilities in Faliron, a short distance from the center of Athens (387, Syngrou Av., 175 64 Athens). Thanks to contributions and support by some of Greece’s leading energy corporations as well as by some well-known international energy companies, the "Energy & Development” conference has evolved over the years as one of the most important events for energy policy and business in Greece and SEEurope.


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