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  1. PV Live PC (hereinafter referred to as EnergyLive or/and “we”) operates a website for the provision of services related to information and analysis of energy markets data (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”), including all texts, contents, information and data (the Content) available to that website (www.energylive.cloud) and any other website created through the Service (hereinafter the Website) and provides the users with access to the Website, which is subject to the terms and conditions set out hereto (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).
  2. Access to the Website and/or registration to it signals the automatic and unreserved acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement as well as of the Privacy Policy issued by EnergyLive.
  3. EnergyLive reserves the right to upgrade or modify the Agreement at any time without prior warning. The use of the Website following modification or upgrade signals its unreserved acceptance.
  4. EnergyLive encourages users to read the Agreement carefully and review its content for possible changes. Any major amendments shall be visibly noted on our landing page. The most recent version can be found at https://www.energylive.cloud.

2. Personal Data Protection

  1. EnergyLive respects and protects the personal data of the persons using the Website. Privacy policy is available on the Website and by accessing it (the Website) users fully and unreservedly accept and are bound by it.
  2. EnergyLive warrants for each individual user when it comes to using and preserving personal data contained in the Website, that this shall take place only for the purposes of EnergyLive that relate to him. In order to make sure that all data provided by users remain confidential, EnergyLive has adopted the following confidentiality principles:
    • The Website collects only the data that EnergyLive considers necessary and relevant in order to provide the users with services.
    • EnergyLive has in place security systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to users’ data by any third party, including its unauthorized personnel.
    • EnergyLive’s personnel authorized to access the users’ data is bound by strict confidentiality obligations.

3. Liability of EnergyLive

  1. EnergyLive can under no circumstances be held liable for possible errors or omissions or damages that can derive from using the Content. Although EnergyLive periodically updates the Content it must be noted that some of the information contained might be out-of-date or have mistakes.
  2. More specifically, EnergyLive cannot guarantee the accuracy, trustworthiness, validity or correctness of the content, software, texts, graphics, links or communications provided by or through the Website.
  3. The Website does not address to children and therefore their guardians are excusively responsible for the Website’s use by minors.

4. Limitation of EnergyLive Liability

  1. This Website is under the management of EnergyLive which has its registered office in Athens (Greece) and destined by use mostly be Greek residents. Access to the Website and its Content might not be legitimate for persons residing outside Greece. In that case, should the user decide to access and use the Website and its content while he/she resides outside Greece, he does so under his own responsibility and is solely liable for his/her compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. EnergyLive makes all possible effort for the good operation of its network although it cannot guarantee that the function of the Website or servers shall be uninterrupted or without any kind of errors, relieved from viruses or other similar elements.
  3. The user acknowledges and accepts that any sale/purchase activity in energy markets includes the risk of exposure to market and regulatory risks (such as the risk of exposure to price risk and the acknowledgment of possible financial loss or the risk deriving from the lack of compliance with EU notification requirements). Those risks are entirely assumed by the user who explicitly and unreservedly relieves EnergyLive from any liability for loss, damage or injury (including losses of financial nature) that derives or is connected with the use of the Website. Any decision to trade based on the analysis made by EnergyLive is solely made by the user who undertakes full and complete responsibility for his/her activity.
  4. Under no circumstances can EnergyLive be held liable for claims of legal, civil and/or criminal nature nor for any damages (whether positive, special or incidental, but not limited to, alternatively and / or cumulatively consists of loss of profits, data, lost profits, pecuniary interest, etc.) raised by users or third parties for causes related to the operation or non-operation and/or use of the website and/or inability to provide services and/or information provided by the website and/or with unauthorized interference of third parties to products and/or services and/or information provided through the website.
  5. To the maximum extent permitted by law, EnergyLive rejects all guarantees whether express or implied such as indicatively those leading to marketability and suitability for a specific purpose.
  6. EnergyLive does not guarantee that the websites, services, choices and contents of its website shall be provided with no interruptions, errors and that those errors shall be rectified. Additionally, EnergyLive does not guarantee that this website or any other related to it website or servers through which these are made available to users/visitors/customers do not contain viruses or other damaging material.
  7. The user remains solely liable for accessing the services of the Website and the relevant access may require payment of fees to third suppliers (e.g. telecommunication providers, time spent online), which shall be paid solely by the user. The user is the only liable for the adequacy of the equipment with technical means that allow him access the services of the Website.

5. Intellectual property rights

  1. It is acknowledged that the Content of the Website, except for the part sent by users, is provided either by EnergyLive or by licensors, writers, programmers, suppliers, sellers and members (hereinafter the “Third Providers”) and the respective intellectual property rights belong to EnergyLive or the Third Providers.
  2. The elements of the Website are protected by Greek, European and international laws for intellectual property and the whole or partial copy, distribution, transmission, alteration, resale, creation of products, imitation or misleading the public as to the true provided or the Website content is forbidden. Any reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, transmission, broadcast or any other use of the content in any way or means, for commercial or other purposes, is allowed only following prior written consent of EnergyLive.
  3. All product names, company names, trademarks, logos and symbols can be registered trademarks of their holders. Their presentation on the website is not transfer or license to use them.
  4. Exceptionally and only for texts, files, pictures, photographs, works or other material that the user uploads on the website, either as host or visitor (hereinafter “Members’ Content”) EnergyLive does not claim intellectual property rights. After uploading Members’ Content on the Website, the user shall continue to hold ownership to that content.
  5. The user is solely liable for the Members’ Content that is uploaded through his account on the website and declares that the owns any content uploaded though his Website account or that he has the right to upload such content and assign the license mentioned hereto, as well as that such uploading does not infringe private, publishing, intellectual property, contractual or any other rights of persons or legal entities.
  6. However, the creator of work and generally any user inserting or in any way uploading part of the Content assigns EnergyLive a valid license for the duration of intellectual property rights so that EnergyLive can exercise the following rights:
    • reproduce the work, incorporate it in on or more collective works and reproduce the work as incorporated in collective works
    • create and reproduce derivatives
    • distribute copies or sound/visual scripts, present the work in public and publicly display through digital sound/visual transmission, including the material incorporations in collective works
    • distribute copies or sound/visual scripts, present derivatives in public and publicly display through digital sound/visual transmission.
  7. If the user considers that his work has been copied in a way that constitutes breach of intellectual property rights or observes violation of intellectual or industrial property rights of his own or of third parties’ he must immediately inform EnergyLive either via our Contact Form on this Website or via post to the following address details:
    Georgiou Mpakou 1
    115 24 Athens
    Telephone: +30 213 0442226

6. Regulations of use

  1. The use of the Website must take place solely for lawful purposes and in a way that does not limit or obstruct its use by third parties. The user is obligated to use EnergyLive website according to law, in good faith and under these terms and conditions.
  2. The user must not proceed with acts or omissions that might cause damage or malfunction to the website, adversely affect or endanger the provision of Services by EnergyLive.
  3. The user is not allowed to place or send spam, reports for signatures, chain mails or mails related to pyramid systems. He is also not allowed to place or send any advertisement or marketing material.
  4. EnergyLive assumes no responsibility to monitor the accuracy/correctness of Members’ Content on the Website and to modify it accordingly, nor can it validate/confirm such content.
  5. EnergyLive encourages users to report any offensive or illegal content and reserves the right to suspend its transmission or remove any part of Members’ Content posted on the Website at any time and for any reason and without prior notification to the user.
  6. EnergyLive reserves the right (but is not obligated) to proceed with any of the following:
    • record and store any communication between the user and the Website, including e-mails and questions/answers to its associates
    • audit any complaint in case that a communication violates these Terms of Use and decide at its absolute discretion to remove or demand the removal of a user’s subscription.
    • remove conversations considered offensive, illegal or harassing or not compliant with the Terms of Use
    • terminate access to any space and the whole Website if there is a violation of these Terms of Use.

8. Use of Website Services

  1. Use of services provided by the Website takes place following user’s request. During his visit the use is required to fill in forms with personal data in order to activate the respective services of EnergyLive whereby he agrees with these terms and that he shall provide valid and adequate information him being solely responsible for their accuracy. EnergyLive is not liable for possible errors, omissions or mistaken information as a result of the user providing invalid data through the Website.
  2. It is clarified that EnergyLive does not possess publicly available catalogue of clients’ e-mail addresses or those of visitors/users. As a result, personal data appearing anywhere on the website and web services of EnergyLive are intended solely for the operation of the respective service and are not allowed to be used by any third party, without complying with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 and those of national legislation regulating personal data protection.

9. Indemnification

  1. The user must indemnify, defend and hold EnergyLive, its officers, directors, employees, representatives, information providers, associates, advertisers and suppliers (hereinafter “EnergyLive Parties) harmless from all and any damages, expenses, indemnifications, including reasonable legal fees that arise from (a) provision of Members’ Content and/or (b) the use of Content or of the Website and/or (c) breaching the Agreement (including violation of intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties on national, European or international level or abusive behavior) by the user or any person with access to the Website using that user’s account.
  2. Should EnergyLive or EnergyLive Parties be held liable their liability, if attested, for losses or damages, cannot exceed the amount of any fee paid by the user for the provision of the Website services.

10. User’s Guarantees

  1. Each user solemnly states that he is older than 18 years of age and has the right and ability to undertake the rights and obligations of the Agreement and use the Website based on that (Agreement).
  2. Explicitly states that he is financially responsible for the use of the Website from himself (as well for the use of the Account by others, either authorized or not, including accidental use by minors staying with him) and that he/she shall comply with the obligations and responsibilities mentioned in the Agreement.

11. General Terms

  1. The Agreement as well as any amendment thereof shall be construed and interpreted based on Greek laws, the Union Law and the respective international conventions. The Courts of Athens Greece are exclusively competent for any dispute arising hereof.
  2. Should any clause hereto be found against the law it shall immediately cease to have effect and shall be removed from these terms of use, without affecting the validity of the others.
  3. This constitute the total Agreement between EnergyLive and the person using its websites and services and binds only them. No amendment to these terms shall be taken into consideration and shall not constitute part hereof unless stated in writing and incorporated un these terms of use.
  4. If EnergyLive does not insist on the compliance with paragraphs, clauses, conditions or provisions of this Agreement, shall behavior shall not be considered waive of rights, present or future.
  5. Assignment of rights and obligations pursuant to this Agreement is forbidden. EnergyLive may be substituted to these rights and obligations by any party at any time and without prior notification of the users.
  6. EnergyLive and the user may communicate via e-mail, while the user can also send a letter by post to the following address details:
    Georgiou Mpakou 1
    115 24 Athens
    Telephone: +30 213 0442226
  7. Unless otherwise stated herein, terms of use and privacy policy are effective immediately and these are accepted in whole by the user with no reservations and with no express or implied objection, mistaken estimation, limitation or rejection.

About us

EnergyLive is a web-platform devoted in European power markets data and analytics.

Data are plenty, and they are out there. But still, collecting them unilaterally from every source and processing them on a daily basis is not an easy task. EnergyLive saves you time and effort; it undertakes this task for you and facilitates you in gaining understanding of power markets. Its subscribers can observe, manage and download power-market data, fast and efficiently. Data are being updated real-time and they are all available in one place.

The services of EnergyLive are continuously being further developed and expanded, following the constructive feedback and the specific needs of our customers.

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