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We would like to inform you that viewing the latest power prices in our homepage is no longer available.

To all of you that have been visiting EnergyLive regularly in the last months, we hope that you found a truly useful tool, especially amid the ongoing energy crisis, and we regret that we can no longer provide the same information to you freely.

We invite you to stay in touch and we will soon provide with information on how to subscribe. We will be happy to see you again!

About us

EnergyLive is a web-platform devoted in European power markets.

Data are plenty, and they are out there. But still, collecting them unilaterally from every source and processing them on a daily basis is not an easy task. EnergyLive saves you time and effort; it undertakes this task for you and facilitates you in gaining understanding of power markets.

The services of EnergyLive are continuously being further developed and expanded, following the constructive feedback and the specific needs of our customers.

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